Math Teachers can Improve Their Teaching in 3 Practical Ways

To effectively teach math, there are practical ways math teachers can go about it. This will involve math teachers finding the right strategy that will help them measure the level of learning going on in their classroom and seek ways to improve their teaching.

math teachers improving teaching

Great math teaching means the math teacher understands math concepts and is able to teach with examples the students can relate to their environment.
Let me discuss ways math teachers can improve their math teaching.

1. Asking students for feedbacks

Students are a good source for feedbacks to teachers. They will give teachers an idea of how effective their teaching skills are in the classroom.

Some math teachers do not pay attention to this great opportunity students avail them to. They concentrate solely on teaching and do not tap into the student’s feedback to enhance their teaching.

To make the student feedback beneficial to the math teacher, the teacher should start early in the collection of this feedback.

This should begin as early as the beginning of the school term.

Getting feedback from the student on the learning that is going on in their classroom on specific topics can happen in several ways.

Ways to get Feedback from your Students

Firstly, within the first four weeks of teaching your students, ask each of them to look for a plain piece of paper.

On one side of the plain paper (say A4) the students should write down two things that in their understanding have helped them learned math topic as you have taught it to them.

On the other side of the A4 paper, inform them to write two things they will like you to change in the way you teach them so as to improve their learning.

After you have received their responses, review it, with the aim of deciding what you can change about the way you teach, then decide on those things you will leave. Inform them about your decision to change certain things based on their suggestions.

Secondly, seek ways to assess how your students are assimilating the math topics you have been teaching them with a view to finding out if they understand the concepts or if you need you to elaborate on certain areas.

You can find out about this by asking your students these questions:

i) After teaching Geometry, what was the important thing you learned?
ii) What questions do you have after I taught Algebra in the class?

This student feedback is of benefit to any math teacher as it tends to form a relationship between the teacher and the student.

This student-teacher relationship is vital in teaching and learning.

2. Keep a teaching log

Keeping a teaching log will help math teachers continually reflect on their teaching. It is one of the ways math teachers can evaluate their teaching.

The teacher should get a notebook and write lesson plans on the right side of it while on the left side he should write down comments and his reflections.

The math teacher can only write comments on the left side after he has generated some likely questions he needs answers to so as to be able to fill that side of the notebook.

Questions the math teacher can ask to be able to reflect upon before completing the left side of the notebook includes:

  • Where in the teaching process did the student find it difficult to understand the topic?
  • Did my students engage with the topic?
  • At what point in the teaching did this engagement take place?
  • Did my teaching go well, how can I ascertain this?
  • What did not go as planned and why?
  • During revisions, did I observe if the student needs clarification on certain areas of the topic?
  • What do I need to change if I were to teach the topic again?
  • The method of teaching I applied in this topic, did it go well?

Pondering over these questions and finding the answers to them will help the math teacher improve his teaching.

3) Brainstorming among math teachers

Math teachers will improve their teaching of math if they will brainstorm on how to better teach certain math topics. This brainstorming should take place with the school authorities. During this brainstorming sessions, they can exchange materials and give suggestions on how best to create an interesting environment for learning in the classroom.

In other to improve their teaching, they are also encouraged to observe other math teachers when they teach in their classrooms. This process generates a lot of dialogue and discussions which will give them an opportunity to learn from the teaching of other math teachers.

These three ways can help math teachers improve their teaching of math.

Let me know how you improved teaching in your classroom.

You can leave me a comment.


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