Improve your grades using these proven 15 study secrets

How to improve your grades

How did you improve your grades while in the University, Emeka asked me some years ago?

Emeka was an undergraduate student at a University. He is intelligent and smart and was studying Chemical Engineering when we met some years back.

His grades were not too impressive after his first semester exams in the first year so he walked up to me this Monday morning and put this question across to me: “How can I improve my grades and be able to graduate among the top 10% of my class”?

To improve your grades I told Emeka, there are certain things you need to know and practice them constantly.

I will share with you the secrets I shared with Emeka that he applied and which helped him graduate among the top 5% of his class.

These secrets are timeless and will help any student improve their grades.

Let’s Begin.

Study Secrets to improve your Grades

1) Rest Well

To improve your grade and succeed as a student you should find time to rest well.

Resist the temptation to study when you are tired. After each lecture or class, learn to take an hour or two to rest before you proceed for studying.

I always take an hour nap after each lecture before I begin studying.

The brain works better when it has rested for some time.

2) Be in Class Early

Learn to be in class early for every lecture or lesson. The beginning of each lecture or lesson is the most important. Most teachers or lecturers begin each class by announcing the key learning outcome of each topic and you do not have to miss that.

Be in class early so you do not miss this important part of the learning.

3) Use your Early Mornings well

When I was a student, I was used to waking up early to study. My most productive period of studying was the early hours of the morning.

For you to be able to improve your grades, you need to be able to wake up early and study. The early hours of the morning are quiet and your brain has rested well and should be able to assimilate better at this time.

4) Go to Bed Early

As a student, one of the things you need to learn in your bid to improve your grades is to go to bed early.

I have written about the 7 tips that will help you become an early riser. Go to bed early and you will be able to wake up early and study.

5) Make Good use of Your Time

Knowing that you have limited time for studying on your own as a student will help you think twice before you misuse any available time you have to study.

To improve your grades, you should learn to do away with activities that do not aid your learning.

Your time as a student should be used for:
• Studying
• Physical activity
• Spirituality and
• Homework assignment

6) Learn to Jot Down

Enter each lesson with a jotter, a notebook, and a pen. Most lecturers do not have time to repeat themselves so to improve your grades as a student; you need to jot down key points in each lesson or class sessions.

Jotting down key points will help you remember the key points that the lecturer or teacher emphasized about the topic, concept or subject.

7) Use a Recorder

Use a recorder if you want to stay ahead of other students and improve your grades.

With a recorder, you are attending the lecture or class several times at your leisure. It is good for reinforcement of ideas and stickiness.

8) Collaborate with other students

Find time and study with other students, this is one secret of improving grades that most students overlook.

Learning from your peers is a strong motivation in learning so, find other intelligent students and study with them; sharing ideas and asking them to explain concepts that you do not understand.

You will learn better this way.

9) Use the Library

Using the library while studying will help you secure a quiet environment where you can always get good studying materials to better understand a concept or topic.

If you intend to improve your grades please avoid studying in your hostel or places where there are distractions.

10) Eat Right

To succeed in your studying, you need to watch what you eat and drink.

Eating right means you should avoid certain food and drinks if you will be strong and alert for each lecture.

Some food can make you weak and sleepy and this can greatly affect your academic goals.

11) Do all your Assignments

Learn to do all your assignment after each lecture or class as this will sharpen your thinking and help you improve your studying skills.

Assignments also help you put in the needed effort to learn independently.

The more assignments you complete, the more you master the topic.

12) Find Time for Leisure

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Learn to find time for leisure and exercise; this will strengthen your physical and mental wellbeing.

You need a sound body and mind for studying so, find time to relax after studying.

13) Learn to Teach others

He who teaches, studies twice. When you teach other students, you learn because you have already studied the concepts and have a good knowledge of it before you teach them.

Making effort to teach other students will expose your lack of idea of the topic or concepts and should give you an idea of areas you need to work on to master the topic.

Learning to teach other students is a quick way to master a topic and improve your grades.

14) Ask questions

Learn to ask questions when you do not understand a topic or concept.

Asking questions means you do not know and what to learn or understand the topic better. Knowing something better helps you become a master in it.

15) Be Focused

Do not forget your reason for being in school.

Most students lose focus on why they are in school in the first place. Ask yourself; “why am I in school studying”? Knowing the answer and remaining focused will certainly help you improve your grades.

Someone is paying the fees so do not lose sight of the big picture.


This was my advice to Emeka and it did help him come out tops.

You too can improve your grades if you constantly apply them.

Leave me a comment if you think there is something I did not add.

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