Homework Load on Kids: 7 Valuable Ways Parents Can Help


Homework can be intimidating for some kids. Since the pace of learning for each kid varies, parents should help in providing the right support at home. This will help children find the motivation to achieve their learning goals.

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Teachers give students homework assignment for different reasons. One reason is to help the student practice materials that have been taught in class on their own. I grew up in those days when homework was written on the blackboard and students completed it in the class in collaboration with other students.

When I cannot complete it on my own, I asked some of the students who understood the topic for help. This collaboration helped me learn since the explanations were gotten from my peer. This was the way I grew up and learned to collaborate with other kids in completing difficult tasks after each class session.

Some of the homework we could not complete in class due to time constraint, we were asked to take home and return the next day. These days’ kids are given homework assignment after class and are asked to take it home. They complete it and return it the next day in school. When most kids struggle in math, it is sometimes because they do not complete their homework.

Some prefer it is not given to them. This is in contrast to those who do well and cope in class, these students have the interest in completing their homework and sometimes they seek some help and guidance from their parents.

Unfortunately, most parents are scared of math and do not understand math concepts. This limits their ability to help their kids with their math assignment. This is a responsibility the parent should partake in if they will provide the right support to their kids and help them with this task.

How does homework benefit the child?

Students will benefit in these ways:

Parents also benefit because they tend to have knowledge of what their kids are studying in school.

How can parents help their kids with homework load since it is also beneficial to them?

Here are some ways parents can help their kids gain the full benefit of a homework assignment:

1. Show understanding

It can be frustrating for parent and child in each session when the child is not following up with the help being provided by the parent. Show understanding and not be disappointed with the child for not being able to catch up. If the child keeps struggling to catch up, it will be advisable for the parent to give the child a break. Try again at a more favorable time when the child might be better disposed to learning.

The parent should strive to encourage the child and make him understand that he can complete his homework assignment if he puts in the effort.

2. Observe your kid’s attention level

Finding out the attention level of your child will help you create a schedule that will be of benefit to your child. If you ascertain the attention span of your child, you can develop a strategy of planning with your child to provide the right kind of support. This will aid your child in completing his assignment in an efficient and timely manner.

To be able to ascertain your child’s’ attention level, find out when your child is more attentive to learning in the house. Is his attention span better when he comes back from school or does he complete his homework better at night?

Also, observe if your child’s attention span is better after a nap when he comes back from school? Does your child prefer tackling the difficult homework first before the seemingly easy ones or does your child prefer the easy ones first before the difficult ones? Does your child like a lot of break in between homework assignments?

Understanding your child’s attention span will help you develop a plan that will motivate them to fully partake in homework sessions at home.

3. View homework as important

Make your kids understand that you place so much importance on them completing their homework in a timely manner. Inform them that they should give their homework the attention it deserves. Make your kids understand that they will do well in school if they take their homework seriously and they regularly complete them.

Kids will dedicate time and attention to completing their homework assignment if they realize that their parents take such task seriously.

4. Seek a quiet environment

Parents should seek out a quiet spot in the house where they can engage their kids. This environment should be free from distractions such as TV, Radio and from other family members. This quiet environment will enhance the productivity of the child while completing their homework.

5. Provide guidance

When a parent provides guidance to his child, it means that the child will do his homework and not the parent. If your child is struggling with a particular topic, the parent can now sit down with him to review his homework and provide support where needed.

Now, most parents will argue that their kids do not need guidance while completing their homework. I have observed over time that all kids benefit from guidance from parents. The fact that the parent goes through the assignment the child has completed will help spot one or two areas where the child needs some improvement or carry out a correction. This guidance if provided immediately is of benefit to the child.

6. Seek resources

Parents might not have all the knowledge to help their child with their assignment. This is when it becomes imperative that the parent should find the right resource to be able to provide help to the child in completing this task.

Seeking resources means the parent can visit the internet, call other parents or contact other teachers they know for resources to help them.

7. Use Praise

Praise your child each time he completes this assignment. This will reassure the child that you value their effort. This will motivate them to complete their homework regularly.




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